Sir; I read with some interest the piece in your August 19 issue ­ Lever Bros frogleaps Dryel with Revive' (p8). In the article, it states that Lever Brothers will be first to bring a new home dry cleaning product to the UK market. Between the two of them that may be true, but it was way back in 1998 that my company, Acdoco, launched the first home dry cleaning kit on to the UK market under our Glo White flagship brand. The launch resulted in our product being listed by Sainsbury, Safeway, Somerfield, Tesco and Waitrose ­ among others. The launch was supported by national advertising, and even featured on the front cover of The Grocer (Feb 6, 1999). Though I suspect, and understand, that most eyes are on the cut and thrust of the two major players in the laundry category, it seems a shame that real speed to market was not recognised as and when it happened. Acdoco might not be the biggest, but we have a track record of being up with, if not ahead of, innovation. That's a tradition that dates all the way back to 1919 when this private family business launched Acdo Washing Powder, a radically new concept for northern Britain. Fortunately our customers did recognise the innovation and with their help Glo White was able to bring the convenience of home dry cleaning to a virgin UK market. We, of course, now welcome the investment that Revive will bring and look forward, as always, to the challenges that come with being a successful player in the laundry and laundry aids market. Brandon Pilling Managing director Acdoco {{LETTERS }}