Chilled pot desserts were worth £1bn in the year to February 6, growing 6.8% in value compared to the Superpanel packaged groceries figure of 2%. Penetration is very high ­ 92.7% of Great Britain's 23.3 million households bought into the category. The average household buys 150 pots annually, spending £41.28 on pot desserts in a year. Yogurts is the largest sector with well over half the category's sales by value (54.4%), although growth is below that of the category. Chilled desserts value share of the category is 29.3%, growing at 10.5% year on year, and currently is the key driving sector. Fromage frais, with a share of 15.4%, has a growth rate in line with the category. Within yogurts, very low fat yogurts have growth in excess of the sector, and low fat enjoys growth in line with it. Within chilled desserts, the mousse and rice sectors are growing very strongly. Of the manufacturers, Müller is the largest player and takes lead position with Corners, Müller rice, etc. It is followed by St Ivel (with Shape) in second place. Next comes the Sainsbury own label pot desserts brands, followed by Eden Vale in fourth place with Ski and Munch Bunch. Tesco takes the fifth position and in seventh comes Asda. Yoplait is in sixth with brands such as Petit Filous, Wildlife and Weight Watchers. At just over 40% of values sales in a year, total own label for pot desserts is roughly in line with the Superpanel benchmark of packaged groceries. Of the retailers, Tesco and Sainsbury are the most important to the sector (first and second respectively), followed by Asda and Safeway. Tesco, Sainsbury and Safeway shares are all in excess of their packaged groceries' share. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}