Halloween table

They’re raising a glass to Halloween in the pound shops - a pink neon cocktail glass (99p for 8) in the case of 99p Stores.

Halloween is going to be a bigger trading opportunity than ever this year, predicts commercial director Hussein Lalani. “In challenging times all generations like to treat themselves. An opportunity like Halloween to let your hair down is too good to resist,” he says.

Or instead of letting it down, you could change your hair altogether. 99p Stores’ scary wigs are one of the retailer’s bestsellers, says Lalani. Partywear has been “flying off the shelves”, he adds in explanation of the launch of neon glasses this year.

Poundworld is also going bigger with its Halloween offering. “We will introduce an extra 50 lines to our existing range of 200 products,” says trading director Chris Edwards Jr. “We believe the UK market is becoming more like the US, where Halloween is a key celebration in everyone’s calendar.”

Cocktail glasses

Edwards intends to give higher-priced retailers a fright with the quality of the store’s Halloween offering. The store has developed new artwork with its own cartoon characters, which will feature on PoS and some partyware products. “We’ve put a lot of work into creating a quality design that consumers may not usually expect to see from a single-priced retailer,” he says. “We’re trying to build and improve on our offering and the result is a range of products that are fantastic value.”

Poundland, meanwhile, is offering an expanded range of party products, a bigger choice of Halloween make-up and accessories, and new mask designs. “More than half of the range is either brand new, modified, or has new colour schemes,” says trading director Richard Lancaster. The range will be promoted through its Poundland Challenge, which challenges ‘Ambassadors’ to see how much they can save on their Halloween essentials at Poundland.

Halloween: how are retailers cashing in?