The World Health Organization has rejected claims by The Guardian that the food industry had infiltrated the WHO, and succeeded in exerting “undue influence” over policies to safeguard public health.
According to a report by an independent consultant to the WHO, there was reasonable cause for suspicion that pressure was exerted on food policies dealing with dietary guidelines, pesticide use, additives, trans-fatty acids and sugar.

The Financial Times reported that a top US trade official said he was ready to launch a World Trade Organisation challenge against the EU over its refusal to lift the moratorium on the approval of new genetically modified crops.

Two farmers are under investigation for feeding their cattle petfood containing high-risk BSE material. Tough controls have been imposed on both farms and the cattle have been banned from the food chain.
According to the Daily Telegraph the farmers, one from Kent and the other from Reading, face a maximum fine of £2,000 or up to two years imprisonment if convicted of breaching BSE controls.

A junior sales manager at Camelot has been suspended while an investigation takes place into alleged irregularities in the supply of scratchcards to a small number of retailers over a two-month period in 2001. Camelot said that the lottery-playing public had not been affected, reported the Daily Telegraph.

Imperial Tobacco has been attacked by MPs for failing to help curb tobacco smuggling. According to Customs, two Imperial brands, Regal and Superkings, accounted for half of all smuggled cigarettes, when the two brands between them made up less than 10% of the legimate market said the Financial Times.