Cold water prawns are deemed too expensive by a significant proportion of shoppers, despite multibuy promotions, according to research.
A survey commissioned by industry body Seafish, and revealed exclusively to The Grocer, also showed that consumers would welcome smaller packs.
Seafish quizzed 500 consumers on their view of chilled cold water prawn offerings. Forty per cent said they were regular buyers, while 20% were light buyers. A further 40% said they were infrequent or lapsed buyers.
Of the infrequent and lapsed buyers, 31% said they were not good value for money, 24% said their family did not like prawns, 16% no longer liked them and 13% blamed a bad experience with prawns.
Among those who bought regularly, price was considered the third most important factor, after freshness and reliability.
Research into pricing found that £2.29 for a 125g pack of chilled cold water prawns was the optimum price level. Seafish said prices in retailers ranged from £1.29 to £3.
There was also evidence that multibuy promotions did not drive sales, according to communications executive Kirsty Innes. “For many consumers there is a question mark over what they would do with a second pack,” she said.
In subsequent focus group research, 79% of consumers said single portion multipacks were an appealing idea.