What is your greatest challenge and how do you tackle it?

Customer service. I believe in treating customers how you would want to be treated. It’s all about the personal touch. We have a broad range of customers here of all age groups, so you have to treat them as individuals. We do accompanied shops with customers once a week to see the store through the eyes of a shopper. After working at Sainsbury’s for such a long time, I sometimes feel that I may forget just what it’s like to see the store through the eyes of shoppers. They give good feedback on what they would like to see and how the store could be improved.

What makes the store so successful?

The teamwork from all the colleagues is superb and better than in other stores I have worked in, which is an achievement in a store this size where you have 500 colleagues. Everybody pulls together.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy watching Cardiff City and spending time with my three daughters. I like to socialise and golf is my biggest hobby. Sometimes I play golf with the store manager, Dave Ball.

What is the best thing about being a  duty manager?

The service you provide to customers. I get great satisfaction out of turning what may be a negative view or complaint into a positive factor. I like working with customers to understand what they need and making sure they’re pleased with the store.

What are your plans for the store?

Last November we had a refit of non-food, including home and electrics. The feedback from customers is excellent and sales are up year-on-year, which is good news. This year we plan to continue the good work.

Where did you begin in retail?

I started at this Sainsbury’s store 23 years ago, then moved around to different stores. Three weeks ago I came back to this store so have come full circle, back to where I started my retail career.