The Radio Times has emerged as the most valuable news stand magazine to retailers, according to the latest figures released by the Audit Bureau of Circulation for June to December last year. Although the BBC title sells fewer copies on the news stand than its rival What's on TV ­ the largest selling news stand magazine in the UK ­ Radio Times has an annualised retail sales value (the through-the-till income, based on the number of copies sold multiplied by the cover price) of £50.8m. What's on TV is in second place with £38.6m and Take a Break magazine is third with £37.4m. Radio Times publishing director Ashley Munday said: "Radio Times remains the biggest magazine at retail in Britain, and this emphasises the strength of the title in a market which has grown to more than 27 million listings each week." It seems TV listings are key when it comes to sales. Heat magazine ­ the celebrity weekly which also carries TV listings ­ has again recorded an incredible jump in its circulation in the latest ABCs, with news stand sales of 336,862 ­ a 122% increase year on year ­ the largest circulation increase on the news stands. Heat magazine is responsible for £24.4 going through the tills of retailers each year. Elsewhere in the magazine sector, Cosmopolitan regained its lead over handbag-size rival Glamour with an ABC of 378,037. Glamour's circulation was still impressive at 375,593, although the title is due to increase its cover price from £1.50 to £1.80 from the April issue, on sale March 7. Cosmopolitan's younger sister title Cosmo Girl recorded a debut news stand ABC of 155,996 and is thought to have taken share from other titles in the sector. {{CTN }}