Paragon Publishing's two Internet shopping titles, What's Online (WOL) and Shop@Home, are to be relaunched to "better home in on their respective readerships". From Issue 22 on sale September 1, WOL, previously a monthly title, will change frequency to quarterly and increase in price to £3.99. In addition, WOL will also change its name to What's Online Internet Shopper. The contents will also be aimed at a male audience, moving closer to a lads' type magazine, but with the emphasis still on online shopping. Originally intended for a 50:50 male/female split, Shop@Home tended to appeal more to a female audience. It will now be targeted at a female readership with an accompanying change in image and content. However, the publisher said Shop@Home would remain true to shopping online and would not cover mail order. The changes to Shop@Home take place from issue 5 which goes on sale August 17. The price will also fall from £2.99 to £2.90. {{CTN }}