The UK petfood market is worth £1.5bn and is showing 4% value growth in the latest MAT. Volumes are flat year-on-year.

Total catfood is driving growth in this market with a value sales increase of 5.5% year-on-year, while total dogfood is growing more slowly, at 3.9% in value for the same period.

Growth in the market has come from consumers spending more, especially in catfood, where premiumisation of the product range has resulted in a rise in the average price.

The average catfood buyer now spends £7.39 more a year on food for their pet, while the average dogfood buyer spends £3 more a year.

Catfood is the largest category with a 52% share worth £800m, ahead of dogfood, which is valued at £737m.

The fastest growing format in petfood is pouched catfood, which grew in value by 25% during the latest year. A rise in demand for this format has been driven by a consumer need for convenience. The main players are launching premium new product development into this market. More premium products are also appearing in canned catfood.

Pouched dogfood is performing less positively, however, and fell in value by 0.5% for the same period.

Treats for both cats and dogs are growing in popularity with these markets recording some of the biggest increases. Dog treats rose 3.9% in value while cat treats rose an impressive 17.2%.

The tray format is the worst performing category as consumers switch to pouched products. Dog trays dropped in value 13.6% while cat trays fell by 13.7%.

Within both cat and dogfood, Tesco is ahead as the number one retailer, with a 33% share of the market. Asda holds the second spot with a 17.7% share, ahead of Sainsbury's with a 14.6% share.

The independent retailers overtrade in petfood, as do Aldi and Asda.

Gemma Tyson, TNS Worldpanel