>>UK take-home and out-of-home snacking

The TNS Fused Panel/Family Food Panel combines take-home purchasing and out-of-home purchasing for snacking categories.
The snacking market comprises sugar and chocolate confectionery, crisps/snacks/nuts and soft drinks (excluding fruit juice and mineral water). The market is worth £8.36bn in the latest year, but is showing only slight growth of 0.9%, behind total till growth of 3.7%.
There were 47 billion consumption occasions in the year to November 2004, down slightly from the previous year.
The decline is seen across all sectors, apart from one-shot drinks and nuts, which are both showing growth due to the increasing importance of health.
Just under 80% of probiotic drinks, which fall into the one-shot drinks category, are consumed at breakfast.
Chocolate is the largest of the snacking categories, accounting for 29% of sales, but sales are static.
The number of food and drink out-of-home snack occasions accounted for by supermarkets has grown 27% in the past two years.
Multiple grocers are growing in importance with 49.1% of sales, up 1.5 percentage points from last year. The multiples are driving the market at 3.7% year-on-year.
Tesco is driving this group as the largest multiple and the fastest grower (up 15.2% year-on-year), but Morrisons and Waitrose are also delivering a strong performance .
All individuals buy into the snacking market at some point in the year. The growth in the market has come through consumers spending more when they do go shopping for all sectors.
However, there has been a fall in the number of shopping trips in some of the sectors, particularly chocolate, sugar, crisps and flavoured drinks.
Kat Castro, TNS Fused Panel/Family Food Panel