from Claire Nuttall, consulting director, Dragon Brand Consulting

Sir; With regard to your feature on customisation last week (Made to Measure, February 12 p46), developing specific brands for retailers is a good way for brand owners to strengthen their relationship with them.
As retail brands strive to build on their existing customer base, the hook of a variant developed with their shopper profile in mind and unique to their stores is a big plus.
Consumer profiles of different stores will more than likely have different flavour or taste preferences, so slightly amended recipes and variants are, therefore, a good idea.
A new variant will not necessarily restore brand equity, but it may build a stronger consumer connection.
And a larger or smaller pack size can now as easily be developed as an exclusive promotion, is relatively easy for brand owners to do and does not dilute their brand values in any way.
Creating unique offers is a great way of getting closer to a specific group of consumers. For example, Notting Hill consumers may require more take-out food, drink more wine and prefer more premium offers from their Tesco Metro, so a brand may wish to develop a specific offer which will make their store a destination outlet and have greater resonance with that particular group of shoppers.
All the societal consumer trend work undertaken by Dragon would indicate that the personal customisation trend is set to continue.
This means that more bespoke offers will be created for retailers in the future rather than fewer.