Simon Mowbray
Interbrew has lifted the lid on how Aussie amber nectar Castlemaine XXXX will look under the brewing giant's stewardship.
The self-proclaimed World's Local Brewer' finally took charge of the ailing brand this week from former British guardian Carlsberg-Tetley following months of speculation as to how it might change the brand to win back the affection of UK drinkers.
Interbrew, which had already pledged a £9m support package behind the brand, has now revealed a bold new pack design.
A jazzy silver hue hits cans and bottles for the first time, while green and yellow feature to reinforce the brew's Aussie heritage. The famous XXXX marking will remain the core identity of the brand and Interbrew has vowed to keep the beer's iconic ...wouldn't give a XXXX for anything else' advertising slogan. It said that new TV adverts, set to break in late spring, would concentrate on promoting "the return of the Australian classic" and would continue to position XXXX as the "authentic Australian lager with attitude".
As well as being made available in new-look cans and standard 275ml bottles, 250ml stubbies' will also be introduced to broaden its range of drinking occasions.
However, Interbrew admits it has its work cut out to restore Castlemaine's fortunes, which it claims have been in "freefall" in recent years due to a lack of investment.
Castlemaine marketing controller Matthew King said: "We are relaunching the brand with a programme that will revitalise its image, boost awareness and update its consumer appeal in the months ahead."