Bite-sized chocolate brand Revels is returning to TV screens for the first time since 1969. A new ad starts a six-week run on January 28 as part of a £1.5m Revel in It' campaign which also sees the 35-year-old brand sporting new orange, beige and brown striped-packaging designed to convey its different flavours. The ad, a spoof on The Deer Hunter film, shows two men playing Revels roulette' to see who gets the flavour they don't like. Radio competitions and instore activity in February will focus on the challenge of identifying Revels without biting them, while an e-mail campaign offers a version of the TV ad's Revels roulette game. "Revels grew 10% in 2001 without ads," said brand manager Claire Ellam. "But this will boost awareness." {{P&P }}