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n Product: Cadbury Mini Donuts
nCompany: Kitchen Range Foods
n Distribution level:44%
n Repeat purchase rate: 11.2% While cakes, biscuits and bakery products are not necessarily in direct competition with each other, they do target the same eating occasion - that of a sweet treat.
Consumers tend to go for familiar brands when seeking a treat and, consequently, it is new formats of familiar products that have performed most successfully across this arena.
Cadbury Mini Dipping Donuts has emerged as the rising star in a close-fought contest with UBUK’s Penguin variants Splatz and Mini Splatz.
Since Kitchen Range Foods, which manufactures the Cadbury products under licence, launched Dairy Milk and Crunchie versions in July last year, distribution has built steadily and reached a peak of 46% at the end of November. The duo has since been joined by a Cadbury Caramel variant and all three are now available in 44% of all possible outlets.
There is still room for improvement, however, as the proportion of ACNielsen’s consumer panel who have tried the products is small at 1.2%, with just over a 10% of those going back for more.
Splatz has given the doughnuts a run for their money. About 3.6% of ACNielsen’s panel have tried the mini chocolate or vanilla biscuits since their launch in April, while distribution reached a peak of 47% by November.
However, this fell dramatically to 30% at the end of last month.
Other notable launches include Cadbury Dream cake bar and Penguin Minirolls.