"We've had a bakery put in and three huge new chiller units and dairy cabinets, as well as triple the amount of lighting, which means demand has gone up considerably." When the system overloaded, the shop was in total darkness for four hours and the Waterfields are now managing to be economical with their electricity. But they will be forced to bite the bullet. Roger says ruefully: "It's not what we need after spending £50,000 on the refit, but I've no option. I'm just annoyed I was given the wrong advice in the first place." He adds: "The shop does look very nice now and I'm pleased, but it was a very traumatic experience which I wouldn't want to repeat. It was worse than I expected, especially as it happened all over Christmas." The Waterfields get new computers for their EPoS system soon which Roger acknowledges will also be a bit of a headache at first, but eventually worth it. "I think we'll see the benefit soon as our figures are already up on last year without it." The store was busy over Christmas and he thinks footfall is up. Once the EPoS system is up and running, he hopes to start running promotions on basics such as bread and milk which will be promoted in a big local newspaper advert. Since the refit, sales of DVDs have done particularly well, and the snack food in the new Bacon Bite hot food counter is proving popular.This, Roger thinks, has drawn in some new morning customers who buy snacks on the way to work and school. The staff have responded well, and Roger says everyone likes working in a brighter, fresher environment. But he's not stopped putting in extra hours, though, as a new look back office is on the agenda, ready for the new computers. "Once it's all sorted out, I'll take a bit of a back seat." A shell-shocked Roger concludes: "The refit's been worth it ­ it can only do us good." {{FEATURES }}