Freshfel, the European trade organisation, is aiming to end what it says is confusion among consumers over the plethora of labels on packs of produce designed to boost consumption.
The body says it wants to replace them with a single pan-European logo, and insists that there are already indications of support from many national organisations for the idea.
Philippe Binard, general delegate, said that the logo would be unveiled at Fruit Logistica, the major industry trade show in Berlin in February.
The move comes just as the Fresh Produce Consortium is attempting to launch a generic UK campaign, Eat in Colour, which has won the financial backing of Tesco and Asda.
But Binard stressed: “We do not want to interfere with any national campaigns. Each country or individual would still provide its own messages.
“However, while national logos are understood in their own countries, they become meaningless when the produce is exported.”