Halloween has temporarily taken over from Christ-mas in the promotional stakes, sending the number of deals rocketing especially in own label and confectionery. Half-term, the trick-or-treat season and Christmas lines have all helped boost the total number of deals 7% over the past month, according to Assosia [4w/e 17 October].

With Sainsbury's relaunch of Taste the Difference and Asda's new Chosen for You line-up hitting shelves, the number of own-label promotions has jumped nearly 15%. The number of branded deals were up just 5.5% by comparison.

Own label also trumped branded on the ­level of saving, offering consumers 6.3% better value compared with the overall own-label saving last month, while brand deals offered 16% less of a saving month-on-month.

However, all the brands upped the number of offers month-on-month. Cadbury replaced Nestlé at the top of the table with a massive 61.9% increase in deals. Other suppliers that were also keen to make the most of Halloween included Coca-Cola, which increased its number of deals by 16.7%, McVitie's, which increased its number of offers 35.7%, and Mars, which boosted its deals by a massive 56.6%.

"With only two weeks to go to trick-or-treat season, it's absolutely no surprise who makes up the top 10," said Assosia MD Kay Staniland.

The increase in offers comes as supermarkets stock Halloween merchandise alongside Christmas confectionery lines, such as chocolate tins, at the front of store, said Staniland. "Once Halloween is over they'll revert to Christmas PoS," she said. "This happened in a small way last year but is more noticeable this year. It's a case of any excuse to have a seasonal aisle."

The number of confectionery deals boosted impulse's share to 21% of all deals slightly up on last year. Mr Kipling shot six places up the ranks in the last survey but has pulled back on deals on its mince pies and slipped back to 10th spot.

With half-term approaching, Walkers has focused discounts on its multipacks and has the biggest increase in deals on a year-on-year basis. Meanwhile, the colder weather has prompted Heinz to increase deals on its soups range in the multiples, and although it remains in sixth place, it had a hefty 68% more offers than last autumn.

Half-price and extra-free promotional mechanics were more frequently used by the brands compared with last year, with basic price cuts less popular, added Staniland.