Coors Brewers is doubling production of Worthington’s White Shield to meet consumer demand. The ale, brewed under licence by the Museum Brewing Company, will see the Burton brewer rename its plant the White Shield Brewery.
Coors said the decision had been taken to ensure production of the brew stayed in the Midlands town.
Mike Maryon, director of the Museum of Brewing, said: “By concentrating on the production and packaging of White Shield, we can ensure the maintenance of its heritage in Burton and also its long-term future.”
However, head brewer Steve Wellington admitted the rise in production would lead to a reduction in the production of other ale brands.
He said: “Because of our finite capacity, we have had to reduce the quantity of cask ales brewed at White Shield. Discussion for the transfer of production of the popular cask beers, Joules and Massey’s, is taking place with the Tower Brewery in Burton.”