The one issue that appears to have excited the NFU is that of modulation. I would suggest Ben Gill is probably right, knowing the record of this government's refusal throughout the last parliament to obtain EU funding for farmers, to which they are entitled. I believe that farmers probably have far more friends in Brussels than they do in Westminster! The Treasury is no lover of farmers and once Gordon Brown gets his hands on modulation funds, be sure he will do his level best to ensure that as little as possible is passed back to the farming community. I am uneasy about the hint of political correctness, in particular the over emphasis placed on environmental issues. Be assured, most farmers have a far greater understanding about the balance of nature than environmentalists. It has been successive governments, since the war, that have driven the industry to intensify and rely on subsidies, which in turn caused over production. I believe that market forces will change farming methods naturally. I think the commission is in danger of losing sight of the importance of an efficient agricultural industry that can feed the nation. As someone said, The man who helped British farmers most during the past 60 years was Hitler'! Do we really need another Hitler to bring government to its senses! There is a message in this report that says, "don't panic all will be well, eventually", but if we don't panic now it just may be too late for British agriculture. {{NEWS }}