Skinny Cow is aiming to boost its leading brand position in the healthy ice cream sector with the launch of Swirl Pots.
The Chocolate and Toffee pots, which are launched into retail this month, consist of two chocolate iced desserts with chocolate swirls, and two toffee iced desserts with toffee swirls (rsp: £1.99 for 4x100ml pots).
They contain less than 2% fat and fewer than 100 calories per serving.
A second variety of
Swirl Pots in Raspberry and Strawberry Swirl flavours is planned for next March.
“The stick products have proved to be the bestsellers in the Skinny Cow range due to their portionability and the Swirl Pots offer another option for consumers wanting indulgence but also who are conscious about following a healthy regime,” said Kate Needham, marketing director at Richmond Ice Cream.
Skinny Cow is number one in the healthy ice cream sector, which is growing at 5% year-on-year, with a 23.1% share [ACNielsen 12 weeks to October 1, 2005].
Richmond Ice Cream is also launching Skinny Cow Strawberry Sticks (rsp: £1.99 for four), as well as Mini Cups for the impulse sector.
The 100ml cups (rsp £1.10) come in Fun-illa, Madly Deeply and Completely Mintal varieties.
“Transferring the successful 500ml flavours into a mini cup format with the spoon in lid introduces the Skinny Cow proposition to a whole new sector,” said Needham.
Irn-Bru has had its first makeover in a decade, by creating a 500ml bottle that looks similar to its original product, first introduced in the early 1900s.

Nutritionally enriched flavoured milk brand Nurishment has new-look packaging across the six-strong range and will be backed by a £1.25m marketing campaign including advertising and a sampling campaign in London, the Midlands and South Wales.

Four ready-to-eat seafood products are being launched early next year by RR Spink & Sons: Arbroath smoked salmon, Arbroath smoked trout, Arbroath smoked maple cure trout, and Arbroath smoked salmon flakes.

McCain has kicked off a Fat or Fiction campaign to raise awareness of the 5% fat content of its oven chips. The £1.5m campaign runs until March with TV and print ads arguing that chips are not an unhealthy choice.
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