When consumers walk into a supermarket, they do not just reveal where they like to buy their food but also a whole host of lifestyle values, from what they read and watch to what they like doing in their spare time. But as exclusive research by Wegener DM for The Grocer proves, today it is increasingly difficult for retailers to shoe-horn their customers into one specific group. So who do you think shops where, asks Siân Harrington

Match the numbers 1-5
Asda: 1
Morrisons: 2
Sainsbury: 3
Tesco: 4
Waitrose: 5

To the couples A-E
Couple A:
Couple B:
Couple C:
Couple D:
Couple E:

Couple A

Goes along with the herd. Accepts his lot, content in the secure world he has created. He’s in the C2DE socio-economic group
Eats: Not interested in the origins of his food, he prefers plain, simple British food with meat at the centre
TV: Question of Sport, Ground Force
Newspaper: Mirror or Daily Star
Hobbies: Solitary hobbies such as collecting, reading, gardening, fishing and doing crosswords. Family pursuits are important
Health: Accepts the way he is and so does little exercise
Wealth: Doesn’t cope well on income. Isn’t an impulsive spender, keeps a close control on outgoings. Looks for the lowest price
Car: Honda or Nissan

Driven by the need for the esteem of others, she is materialistic and aspires to symbols of success such as designer labels. Most likely to be women aged 15-44
Eats: Hedonistic about food. Big on takeaways and convenience. Snacks, eats out a lot. When in, she eats in front of TV
TV: Trisha, Big Brother, cable/satellite
Newspaper: The Sun or Daily Express
Hobbies: Busy social life centred around pubs, dinner parties, dance and music
Health: Leads an unhealthy lifestyle, not good at keeping to a diet or exercise regime
Wealth: Disorganised and regularly overdrawn. Buys large items on credit
Car: BMW or Mercedes

Couple B
Young, self-confident, seeks out the new and different, and sets own targets to achieve. High average personal income
Eats: Food is one of his main pleasures in life. Regularly eats out, likes to try new restaurants. Tries new recipes when cooking and makes things up as he goes along. Often snacks between meals
TV: Never Mind the Buzzcocks, The Office
Newspaper: The Times or Guardian
Hobbies: Pubs, clubs, interested in future trends, business, fashion and music
Health: Believes in discipline, healthy eating and rarely goes to doctor
Wealth: Impulsive spender who buys on credit and changes account if not satisfied
Car: Audi or Mitsubishi

Seeks highest levels of personal development, tolerant and imaginative
Open, social, far-sighted and non-materialistic. Owns home, most likely living in London, south east or East Anglia
Eats: Food key pleasure in life .Tries to eat a balanced diet using fresh raw ingredients. Enjoys cooking for friends. Interested in origin and much more likely to buy fair trade
TV: Panorama and BBC News
Newspaper: The Guardian or Independent
Hobbies: Art, theatre, opera, yoga
Health: Likes alternative treatments and to feel good. Seeking ways to reduce stress
Wealth: Unconcerned
Car: Peugeot or Volkswagen

Couple C

People-orientated, innovative and experimental by nature. Slightly more likely to be single than average, a type evenly distributed across all age groups. Owns home and most likely to live in south east
Eats: Tries to eat a balanced diet, looks for new and interesting food from different countries. Interested in authentic food and its origin
TV: Have I Got News for You and Frasier
Newspaper: The Independent or Telegraph
Hobbies: Arts and theatre
Health: Disciplined approach to diet and exercise, likes to feel good, and interested in reducing stress
Wealth: Not worried about money
Car: Saab or Peugeot

Quietly getting on with her life, inclined to worry what others think of her. Family is centrepiece of life. Tolerant of others’ behaviour as long as it doesn’t threaten her
Eats: Sees food primarily as a means of refuelling. Snacks, eats takeaways and convenience meals. Rarely eats out or buys fair trade, organic or free range
TV: Holby City and Pop Idol
Newspaper: The Sun and Daily Mail
Hobbies: Window shopping and bingo
Health: Thinks you should feel good in yourself
Wealth: Enjoys spending money but budgets spending. Financial security is important
Car: Citroën or Mazda

Couple D

Feels a failure and that life is a struggle. This man tends to live in the present and makes no effort to fulfil his ambitions. He is a classic couch potato
Eats: Diet is unhealthy. He eats snacks, takeaways or convenience meals or skips meals altogether. Expects meat
TV: Generation Game, National Lottery Newspaper: Daily Star or The Sun
Hobbies: Betting, going to the pub, playing darts and watching videos
Health: Believes healthy eating is a lot of hot air and finds it difficult to stick to a diet
Wealth: He is an impulsive spender who is regularly overdrawn and not inclined to pay off bills promptly
Car: Vauxhall or Toyota

Holds on to traditional values and would prefer a well-ordered society. Is hard working and always on lookout for bargains
Eats: Sees food merely as means of refuelling. She eats snacks, takeaways or convenience meals or skips meals
TV: Stars in their Eyes, Animal Hospital
Newspaper: The Sun and Daily Mail
Hobbies: Window shopping, bingo, or relaxing by lying in the bath
Health: Trusts doctor and tries to go to gym
Wealth: Fearful of using a credit card. Finds it difficult on her current income level. She tries to keep control of spending by going for the lowest prices
Car: Volvo or Mazda

Couple E

Over 45 and risk-averse. Looks to traditional values and behaviours for guidance, proud to be British. Quiet and reserved, tries to blend in with the crowd
Eats: Cupboard always well stocked, likes simple traditional British food. Prepares the same few recipes. Tries to use fresh, raw ingredients but often eats pre-prepared
TV: Antiques Roadshow, Touch of Frost
Newspaper: Daily Mail or Telegraph
Hobbies: Birds, wildlife, gardening, reading
Health: Eats and drinks in moderation to stay healthy. Exercises, doesn’t believe in dieting, total faith in doctor or chemist
Wealth: Lives comfortably on income, pays off bills promptly and budgets carefully
Car: Rover or Ford

Towards top end of socio-economic scale and in 20s or 30s. Full of self confidence and a natural risk taker - likes to try new brands and follow the latest trends
Eats: Food one of the main pleasures in life so regularly eats out and tries new restaurants with authentic, different menus
TV: The Office, V Graham Norton
Newspaper: The Times or Daily Express
Hobbies: Varied and energetic social life, pubs, clubs, meeting people in new places
Health: Believes in healthy eating, exercise
Wealth: Lives comfortably, an impulse spender who enjoys spending more than she should
Car: Audi or Mitsubishi

A 2
They've bought big, cheap meaty meal (on credit) and are eating it in front of the telly

B 5
Dropped off the fresh food at home; now they are off to hear live jazz at the style bar

C 4
They picked up a premium ethnic ready meal and are reading the papers while they eat

D 1
She'll be glad when he's finished his burger and gone to play darts. Peace at last!

E 3
Enjoying a locally sourced venison pie up to the table before they go out to the garden