?"Because The Simpsons is such a high profile brand, it is essential that we are aware that children and adults alike are taken in, show an interest in the products and are not disappointed. We take the initiative to make all our products healthy and appealing to the consumer, while still providing them with products they want."

Dan Ross MD, Victoria Foods

?"The popularity of licensed products continues to grow, with consumers buying into the latest characters and film releases. The sector is constantly being refreshed with new ideas and innovation. It is vital that retailers get on board at the right time to enjoy the point of difference and sales potential that character licensing brings to the category."

Richard Crabtree Divisional sales and marketing director, Inter Link Foods

?"Children tend to show an all-encompassing support for their favourite character and want to see it appear on as many of their personal possessions as possible. These can be anything from pyjamas and pencil cases, duvet sets and rucksacks right through to confectionery and soft drinks. But character licensing is very much about keeping up with trends."

Per Henérius MD, Haribo Dunhills

?"While our licensed confectionery business is very seasonal, with Christmas and Easter being the peak times for one-off purchases, there is a very healthy everyday business around our character chocolate bars and lollies."

Rachel Wyatt Divisional director for marketing, Kinnerton

?"Licensing is incredibly effective in confectionery and biscuits, and such lines have proven to be what both kids and parents want to buy. For most kids, characters are the brands that they identify most closely with, and they usually prefer to buy character confectionery rather than brands."

Martin Sutherland Sales and marketing director, Bon Bon Buddies

?"Character licensing is very important in pasta, but there has been a lot of clutter in the category in the past. It is much better to have fewer, bigger licences and concentrate on those. Our core licences for our canned pasta range now are Winnie the Pooh, Thomas the Tank Engine, Disney Princess and the Tweenies."

Nathan Ansell Senior brand manager, Heinz pasta meals