?Parking restrictions aren't a particular problem for us. A bigger issue is that there just isn't room for people to park during peak times. We are in a residential area and during busy periods, such as the school run, we get a lot of parents driving to the store for their evening meals. This means there are sometimes lots of cars and not enough spaces for people to park.

We've found in the past that customers don't want to walk too far to get to us, probably because they have their children with them, so if they can't find a nearby space they will go elsewhere. We would probably benefit from restrictions that meant people could only park for a limited amount of time during busy periods.

10-minute rule works Nottingham retailer

?We have constant problems with parking because we are on a busy road with lots of shops and there is a constant fight for spaces. The parking restrictions are good for us because it means that cars can't stay too long - I think the waiting time is only 10 minutes or so. But the restrictions also cause problems for us when we want to take deliveries. Vans have difficulty getting close enough to the shop and also the delivery staff have to rush to get their deliveries done in the time limit because the traffic wardens are pretty good at their jobs. There is not a lot we can do though. Other shops on the road have a similar problem. It's just one of the drawbacks of being in a busy location.

Deliveries get rushed London retailer

?It is very hard to find spaces for delivery vans to park in, because of parking restrictions. Our shop is on a red route but I'm not exactly sure when this allows people to park. There is a 20-minute waiting time in some places nearby, which does give us enough time to unload the delivery, but it is not always free when we need it.

I understand the need for traffic wardens and restrictions because without them we would have no way of receiving deliveries. It costs a lot to park around here and you need a permit, which deters most people from staying too long. A Tesco Express has also opened very near us which has a car park, but it's more beneficial for Tesco than for us.