Unilever Bestfoods is nudging its Ambrosia Splat! kids' custard nearer to confectionery next month as it adds five flavours of In-a-Tube custard to the range. The 40g tubes are designed for little hands and come in the five most popular flavours ­ chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, toffee and banana ­ in five and 10 packs (rsp: 95p and £1.89). Banana, chocolate and strawberry also come in singles (rsp: 25p). A perspex holder, which can fit onto any fixture, is available. The tubes are ambient products, making storage easier, and they have 11 months' shelf life. They don't need to be chilled and so offer a healthier lunchbox option. They can also be frozen as ice lollies. They will take a share of the brand's £4.5m marketing package, including new ads which build on the yuck factor. These show cute, babylike TV characters being squished. They are aimed at four to 11-year-olds. "We're not after a street cred teen image," said David Lowes, strategic business unit manager. The tubes will also benefit from the brand's ongoing sponsorship of kids' TV programme SMTV:Live! fronted by Ant and Dec, which the company said was extremely successful. "We wanted to borrow some instant personality for the brand when we launched," said Lowes. "And we couldn't have found a better fit." The company has also given Ambrosia Splat! single serve flavoured custard a new look with block colours. {{MARKETING - P&P }}