We shall probably get a 25% increase on last year's figures from the beginning of December onwards. Letting people know which brands are on offer is important, and advertising the best bargains in the window helps. We are a c-store, pure and simple, for the people in the area and are open longer over Christmas than the supermarkets, and people realise that. At Christmas we will increase the wine and, rather than the odd one or two, we will put a case near the rack. Multipacks too are important. I let people split them into individual cans and I will do one price for a four-pack. Carling is our best seller closely followed by Stella Artois in four-packs. We have a cooler for lagers but would like another if we can find space. Our biggest problem is wanting something out of the ordinary which Booker or Batleys don't have. Even a small case of slightly different lines would help. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}