The National Federation of Retail Newsagents says it is struggling to cope with the flood of orders from members to join Quix, its new symbol group. The 50th Quix conversion since the scheme was rolled out 18 months ago is due to open next week. Head of commercial operations Rod Stevens said: "We're victims of our success." He added that the NFRN would also have an additional 75 members signed up by the end of next week. "So many of our members want to sign up to Quix, we are having to re-resource our development team who are stuggling to cope with demand. That's painful as it's going to be expensive. We'll need to take on more people if we are going to speed up the conversion rate to Quix stores." Stevens said the NFRN was hoping to convert between 16 and 20 stores a month by next year. He expected to have to expand the team again by 2003 to help cope with demand. {{NEWS }}