Some supermarkets and food associations have been getting a little upset over this column. Allegedly one supermarket won't allow me on to their stand at the BBC Good Food Show in November; I must have touched a raw nerve! But remember guys, this column is free advice, I am not one of your paid-off flunkies, I am totally independent with no financial ties or associations to any retailer. Writing this column does get to me however, as I had this dream about my perfect supermarket. 1. From an aerial view it looked like Charles de Gaulle airport with a central hub and off the hub were protruding satellite areas. You could not see the car parks as they were underground, all you could see were green spaces, playing fields, parks and water. 2. In the central hub were situated restaurants, cafés, meeting points, and a magnificent crêche (kids, especially young ones, are generally a pain when shopping, especially if they throw a wobbly). 3. Also in the main area were well designed cashpoints and, encouragingly, a demonstration area, which held regular tastings of new products and had home economists doing cooking demos. 4. The owner of the supermarket had thought about the fact that one third of the population originated from foreign climes. Each circular satellite was dedicated to different food cultures with a central fresh food area where you were served by smiling, knowledgeable, well trained staff. Around the walls were shelves of non perishables associated with each culture. There was no air of sterility and you could actually smell real food! 5. The complex was obviously pleasing the community as scattered around were farmers' markets, youth centres, cinemas and facilities for the elderly. 6. The whole area was a genetically modified free zone....and then I woke up to reality! {{NEWS }}