Just when we thought it was safe to go back into the farmyard, scientists attack us with another BSE bombshell. We are now told by scientists that it is possible for other species of animal and possibly humans to be carriers of BSE and variant CJD without showing any symptoms. From what I understand, the poisons or infected proteins from a hamster were injected into mice. The doses were enormous. The mice developed a symptom-free infection. Now I'm sure that if you or I were to be injected with a massive dose of BSE directly into the brain we might also develop the Creutzfeldt-Jakob strain of the disease. I understand the right of the public to be kept informed but in this case the announcement was irresponsible. Results depended on assumptions, and information given was purely based on laboratory testing. There are times to tell us all, and there are times to keep quiet. Scaremongering at this early stage of research can destroy in one action all the good work that has been done in the last few years to build up the British public's confidence in British produce. With farming in crisis, this week's news was the last thing farmers wanted to hear. Until proper field trials have been undertaken where different species of animals are kept in secure areas with contaminated cattle to determine once and for all whether this disease can cross the species barrier, we cannot afford to make rash statements. What I've read in the newspapers this week is fairly high powered stuff which will only scare and confuse the consumer. We are told it is safe to carry on eating poultry, pork and lamb, but as far as the public is concerned they were told that about beef in the early '90s. The truth is not something the public believes comes out of the mouths of politicians or scientists. Best to keep quiet until all scientists are in 100% agreement...until then I'll dream on. {{NEWS }}