" Despite premium credentials, game is readily affordable in the weekly shop"

?The wild game meat market has grown 15.2% year-on-year in the past five years. Let&'s keep this up by making cuts convenient and accessible, says Alexia Robinson of Game-to-Eat.

Last season the big four retailers carried the best range of game yet. With the processors, estates and retailers working in partnership, the prediction is that game will become even more accessible and appealing to a younger audience.
Because game is wild and therefore seasonal, retailers have the opportunity to build excitement around its availability. With dealers working in partnership with estates and the Forestry Commission, supplies can now be worked out, quotas agreed and product delivered on time with full traceability from forest to store.
Despite its premium credentials, British game is readily affordable in the average weekly shop and campaigns such as Game-to-Eat are encouraging consumers to enjoy it as an everyday food.
So consider the options for stocking up the chiller cabinet this autumn. Why not stock easy-to-carve whole pheasants and partridge with the choice of with or without stuffing. Presented with weight, portion control and cooking times, these make an appealingly viable option to the traditional roast meal.
Pheasant breasts and leg packs are ideal for quick mid-week turnaround meals. They are also great for weekday entertaining occasions.
Boned and rolled venison joints now come in sizes to suit your customer needs and extend the red meat range.
Venison has the advantage of being available all year round to provide continuity for consumers. The range includes venison steaks as well as added-value sausages - for instance venison sausages that are flavoured with redcurrant, roasted mushroom or red wine. Mixed game packs are another exciting development.
Game in ready meal format is now available such as Keepers Choice in Waitrose, a five-recipe range that includes pheasant breast wrapped in smoked bacon served with blackberry and redcurrant sauce, and pheasant casserole with mustard and cider.
Wild British venison from Forest Enterprise Woodlands, casseroled in a rich port and peppercorn sauce, and its wild game pie topped with mashed potato were just some of the speciality ready meals available in the lead up to Christmas.
Packing and presentation across the whole game sector now reflects the premium positioning of British wild game. Now is the ideal time to plan for your game meat requirements.