Helen Wattam, 27, researcher, Islington, London (left); Fiona Bingham (centre), 29, purchasing assistant,Chippenham, Wiltshire; Meryl Sloan, 28, teacher, Leeds.

Fiona: "It looks like Gauloise cigarettes packaging and is really striking, but the Kiss on the front is too 80s, and the writing on the back is equally cheesy. It's a novelty bottle, a talking point ­ it should go the whole hog and have lips on it too. The taste is not as smooth as I would like it to be, the £4.99 price tag must be going on packaging. It would be great for Valentine's Day though."
Meryl: "It's tacky, but I would buy it for a laugh. Its taste is acceptable. I'd drink it on a quiet Sunday, but it's a bit pricey ­ I'd want to pay £2.99.
Helen: "It looks naff and trashy, although it is quite funny. You can get some really nice wine for £4.99, so I don't think it is value for money." Rating out of 25 ­ 14