>>Kevin Bolt, general manager, Orange glo Europe

Laundry care and household product specialists Orange Glo Europe and Acdoco recently announced a long-term distribution agreement for the UK market.
The arrangement has created a team that will not only be beneficial to the two companies, but also to their retail customers, says general manager of Orange Glo, Kevin Bolt. He explains that while his company has great products, including OxiClean, Kaboom, Orange Clean and Orange Glo, it previously lacked the necessary sales force and distribution network to grow as quickly as he would like.
“Retailers are less accessible, especially to small companies, but with Acdoco we can have a much broader reach,” says Bolt. “We can now concentrate on what we are good at, which is making good products, and Acdoco can use its strength in distribution.”
Acdoco’s own household portfolio, which includes Glo White, Stain Devils and Colour Catcher, complements the Orange Glo range, according to Bolt, and so together the two family-run businesses present a full range of products. “Together we are more efficient and that is a huge benefit to retailers, especially in the niche business of laundry care and household cleaning.”
Bolt is also looking forward to the benefits the new team will give to the recently introduced bathroom cleaner, Kaboom. It was launched in January but logistical limitations slowed its distribution.
distribution deal powers up Orange glo