>>fionda family ambitious for further growth

Working in a family business can have its problems, especially if you all have fiery Glasgow-Italian blood.
However, it also can have massive benefits, as Giuseppe Fionda, MD of Pacchini Foodservice testifies.
Italian immigrant Stelvio Pacchini founded the company in 1930 when he set up a local grocery store for the large ex-pat population in Glasgow.
The Fionda family took over in the 1960s and today it has a £30m turnover, selling oils, canned produce and ready meals and owns the Pacchini Oil Importing Company and Fionda Wine Company.
Pacchini supplies retailers like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Morrisons as well as wholesalers.
Fionda says: “Being an Italian family, things get heated at times. My father is in semi-retirement but still deals with our Italian suppliers and retains the chairman’s role.”
Giuseppe’s younger brother, Mario, is responsible for the operations of Pacchini Oils, while Anthony is transport manager and sister Daniella, is the operations director of Fionda Wines.
Since the move to Liverpool three years ago, sales have taken off and success has forced Pacchini to recruit managers outside the family.
The company aims to become Europe’s largest producer of vegetable oil in 10 years through the introduction of a high oleic oil for the healthy eating market.
Alastair Rew is leading product development and new commercial director David Jeffs will drive the launch.
Growth assisted by fiery family values