>>gallaher UK & Ireland (Cigar division)

The team at Gallaher UK & Ireland (Cigar Division) has been working on a new-look Hamlet range, which recently started filtering into stores.
New products and a change in packaging design have been a major project this year, says brand manager Tom Osborne.
“Our aim is to drive the sales of Hamlet and other brands. We’ll do that through brand innovation and new products, but also by really supporting our current brands.”
Osborne says that the goal behind creating a new-look Hamlet was to harmonise the range. At the same time a new product, Hamlet Smooth, was launched to add excitement.
“The team had to look for potential areas for growth,” says Osborne. “Even though Hamlet is the number one cigar brand, we always have to develop the brand. My big focus is to support the trade. I’ve got to make sure everyone gets the information they need about the products and everyone in the trade knows what products we are offering.”
Sales and marketing manager Nick Blake is responsible for identifying and developing the cigar strategy for the UK and Ireland and Jeremy Blackburn, Gallaher's trade communications manager, acts as the public face of the business.
The team also includes two field business managers - Ian Hay and Paul Simon - who lead the external sales team and Zara Mason, who provides administrative support.
This week, the cigar division launched the next phase of the project by launching the Fine Aroma brand.
Adding excitement and theatre to hamlet