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Product: Penn State Pretzels
Company: Union Snack

As part of the relaunch of its American-style snack, Penn State Pretzels, Union Snack has added a traditional English Cheddar Cheese flavour to the brand.

Price: 99p per 175g bag

consumer’s verdict

Niki Warfvinge, property developer, 26, Winchester, Hampshire

The modern, American-style packaging makes Penn State Pretzels come across as very appealing, with the result that you expect a high quality product.

Because of the impressive packaging, I am pretty sure I would notice the product on-shelf when I am out shopping.

I found the offering to be very moreish, but the cheese flavour did not last very long, which was a shame.

I could imagine myself buying the product as an alternative snack for lunch or in the pub, as it is very tasty.

I also think Penn State Pretzels is reasonably priced at 99p per 175g bag.

Score: 19/25

Buyer’s verdict

Jonathon Bayne, technical development controller, Budgens

I really liked the packaging of this product. It is bright and colourful and is sure to stand out on shelf.

The photograph of the pretzels on the packaging is of a very high standard. It makes you want to try the product.

Tastewise, the newcomer does not let you down either. It is an excellent snacking offering. The flavour is very good and the product is also very moreish.

The customer information in terms of allergy advice and Vegetarian Society approval is also a good feature.

I think this is a good product in a very competitive market and, as such, I would expect it to do well.

Score: 23/25

Total score: 42/50