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Lokal’s flavour is produced by a combination of malt, aromatic hops and mineral water sourced from one of the deepest aquifers in the world.
Chris Pacey, computer engineer, 24, Ipswich
This beer gives a misleading first impression, as the name implies a low-calorie content.
The patchy use of English continues to confuse on the rear label, declaring that the beer has been “elaborated to satisfy the true beer lovers”, among other things.
The beer itself is pleasant in an instantly forgettable way - malty, sweet and easy to drink. However, if I stumbled across it in a shop, I would overlook Lokal, simply because of its name, or rather the associations I make as a result.
Despite its bright and attractive packaging and enjoyable flavour, there really isn’t much to recommend this product against a slew of trendy competitors.
Andrew hargreaves, Trading controller, Off-licence, landmark
Lokal has a crisp and light flavour, but I found it to have a greater degree of effervescence than associated products
It is being launched into the UK on the back of “consumer demand for all things Brazilian” (I am not aware!), so unless retailers have a massive amount of space for also-rans, I do not envisage a great future for the product. Add the impending launch of Brahma - brand leader lager in Brazil - into the UK by Interbrew, and I don’t see the major retailers being interested.
On top of this, Lokal is priced more expensively than Stella Artois 330ml. This is likely to be a death knell unless amended.
Score: 11/25
Total score: 24/50
Product: Lokal
Company: Pierhead purchasing

Rsp: £1.09 per 350ml bottle
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