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Product: Corky’s Smoothie
Company: Global Brands
Price: 99p per bottle

Corky’s Smoothie range from Global Brands is aimed at young females and is available in Chocolate Mix with Vodka and Strawberry Mix with Vodka.

Consumer’s verdict

Nancy kingham, account manager, 37, sutton, surrey
When I looked at this product, I thought it was an alcohol-free drink aimed at kids and, therefore, it did not appeal to me on first sight. However, when I tasted the newcomer, I was quite impressed. The strawberry-flavoured variant was my favourite, but I liked both. Neither of them tasted sickly or too sweet, unlike many similar products currently on the market. As the product is a smoothie, I would have preferred it slightly thicker - the consistency was a bit like flavoured skimmed milk. All in all a nice drink, but I’m not sure if it actually brings anything new to the sector.

Score: 20/25

Expert’s verdict

Ian McLernon, marketing & sales director, unwins
Clearly targeted at 18 to 24-year-old female consumers, rather than 31-year-old males such as me! However, the packaging has great standout in the chiller, which is a key attribute for any product that is going to be successful in the competitive on-trade environment. It is also easy to differentiate between the strawberry and chocolate variants. The liquid tastes very smooth with little aftertaste and it is quite refreshing when served cold. However, the product is very creamy, which does limit its session-ability. Overall an interesting product that I am sure will sell well in the on-trade this summer with adventurous female consumers.

Score: 15/25

Total score: 35/50