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Goodfella’s Solos is a range of eight single-serve pizzas aimed at the large number of people in the UK who eat meals on their own

Price: £2.09 for a pack of two
sonia Johnson, translator, 46, yorkshire

I tried most of the eight varieties available in this range and was impressed with every single one. For a frozen product, it tastes surprisingly fresh and was nice and crisp.

My only complaint was that the toppings were a bit sparse on some of the varieties, and this let down the product in my opinion.

The packaging was nice and the individual servings really appealed to me as I would never eat a whole pizza on my own.

The fact that it only takes 10 minutes to cook the pizzas in the oven is a major plus for me - they make a good alternative to other snacks and I will definitely use them in future for lunch when working from home.

Score: 21/25
Total score: 38/50
valerie aston, buying controller, proudfoot

Goodfella’s Solos - another individual pizza offering to the market.

The packaging is good as it is clear and concise about what the product is offering.

The pizzas themselves are of the quality consumers have come to expect from this kind of food - nothing exceptional.

As with all these kinds of products, the newcomer is useful as ‘on the go’ food and, as such, it is important that it is marketed accordingly in order for it to be successful.

Limited space in the freezer section restricts the number of pizza listings, however, which means that something else will have to go if space is to be created for this line.

Score: 17/25
Product: goodfella’s Solos
Company: northern foods

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