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real paste

From: Schwartz

Schwartz says this new six-strong range has the kind of flavour and aroma that are usually associated with cooking from scratch with freshly-prepared ingredients.

The pastes are aimed at consumers who want more taste from cooking sauces.

Price: £1.39 for 100g (four servings)

Total score: 45/50
consumer’s verdict

mike holt, 29, computer engineer, london

Despite being a lazy chap and prone to starting fires whenever I attempt to cook, I really liked this range of sauces.

They seemed a little expensive, but I’d rather pay for a pre-prepared mixture of high-quality ingredients than try to whip this stuff up from scratch. One thing to be aware of is that they are intended to enhance your cooking, not replace it. They need other ingredients and this is not immediately clear from the attractive packets.

The sauces have a toothpaste-like consistency and need to be diluted during cooking. The flavours are strong and authentic but not overwhelming (although Moroccan Spiced Chicken was too sweet). I particularly liked the Spanish Chicken & Chorizo, and my brother declared that the Sicilian Sun-dried Tomato and Chicken was delicious “straight from the packet”.

Score: 23/25
buyer’s verdict

iain troup, category manager, distributor/ mace retailer, aberness

Some consumers do not have the time to re-create restaurant meals but these products act as a herb and spice base for a sauce.

The foil packaging and bright colours convey quality, while serving suggestions look very appealing. Cooking instructions are excellent and suggest additional ingredients.

The blends deliver full-flavoured dishes and, as consumers need to add additional base ingredients such as tinned tomatoes and coconut milk, they may feel as though they have cooked a meal instead of just adding the sauce.

The taste delivery will prompt repeat purchase and experimentation with different varieties. With consumer awareness of the Schwartz brand and the innovative packaging, I have no doubt that these will be a success.

Score: 22/25