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This four-strong, low carbohydrate chocolate bar range is said to offer Atkins dieters a sweet treat without breaking the regime’s rules.

Price: £1.25, 28g

Total score: 36/50
consumer’s verdict
Karen Bradbury, 39, Fashion Brand Manager, Goring-by-sea, W Sussex
The Atkins diet has been a big success for me because I’ve lost just over a stone in six weeks but I really missed my regular chocolate fix.
At less than 1g net carbs per bar, Carbolite seemed too good to be true, but I was pleasantly surprised by the authentic chocolate taste. The texture was not quite right, but the overall flavour was almost spot on, and because it is made with sucralose, it lacked the nasty aftertaste other sweeteners leave. The packaging is bland and an explanation of the difference between total carbs and net carbs would help.
At first impression £1.25 seemed pricey, but on reflection I thought it was a fair price for such an innovative and life-saving product! I would definitely buy these again.
Score: 20/25
buyer’s verdict
IAIN Troup, category manager, distributor/ mace retailer, aberness
Packaged in a traditional foil sleeve, these look like normal bars of chocolate at first glance. However, the low carbohydrate content is clearly highlighted and detailed nutritional information appears on the back. I thought they would be tasteless, so I was pleasantly surprised that the flavour was like chocolate.
Carbolite is aimed at a very niche market and the low carb diet fad will have to continue for it to be successful. As long as the craze is around there will be a market for these products but only in specific outlets. They will find it hard to get onto convenience store shelves and I’m not sure where they could be merchandised. They are better suited to stores such as Boots and multiples with a dedicated health section.
Score: 16/25