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Horlicks snoozoo
From: GlaxoSmithKline

GSK’s new Horlicks spin-off is aimed at attracting new and younger users to the hot beverages category. Targeted at young children, the product comes in strawberry, chocolate and banana flavours.

Price: 99p for three 20g sachets, £1.99 for 260g jar of chocolate

Total score: 30/50
consumer’s verdict
amy marshall, 5, ipswich
I like to have warm milk at night but sometimes I wake up and need the toilet.
Mummy says she would like me to have something magic that would keep me quiet all night.
I like having a drink specially for me and I like the packets. The pictures are bright colours and have cute animals on them.
Mummy says the packets don’t say how much sugar and fat there is. I don’t care, but she says that’s important. Banana and chocolate were my favourite flavours but I didn’t like the bits of powder left at the end.
The first time I had one of these I slept all the way through the night and I didn’t need to get up to go to the toilet.
Mummy says she would pay lots of money for me to do that every night so she can get some more sleep. I would like her to get them again.
Score: 15/25
buyer’s verdict
chris suggett, senior buyer, bells stores
Horlicks Snoozoo is a good move for GSK because it could attract new consumers to its brand. However, I do not feel it will bring new users to the hot beverages category - people are more likely just to switch brands.
My two children and their friends tried out the products and found the packaging appealing, although the novelty would probably wear off.
They thought all the flavours smelled nice and had a creamy texture but all of them wanted to try the chocolate variant first. It was a very big hit taste-wise, although banana and strawberry got a big thumbs down.
I think the suggested price for the sachets and jar is probably too expensive but I suppose parents desperate for their children to have a good night’s sleep might give it a try.
Score: 15/25