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Cuervo Clasico
From: Diageo

Diageo hopes to steal a march on rivals launching into the tequila market with a white extension of its Jose Cuervo brand.

Price: £16.29 for a 70cl bottle

Total score: 42/50
consumer’s verdict
Sam Quawasmi, 27, Trainee Doctor, Truro
I’m not really a regular tequila drinker and have avoided it in the past. The gold variety is the only type of tequila I had come across before and so I was interested in trying this white version from Jose Cuero.
Having seen many a shot of tequila slammed in a matter of seconds, I decided to try Clasico mixed as a cocktail.
The spirit itself has a distinctive taste and, even when mixed for cocktails, the tequila stands out - in a good way.
The drink is presented in a classic, sleek bottle, similar to the brand’s gold version, which I already know as a quality drink.
Tequila has never been one of my favourite tipples, but after sampling this addition to the Jose Cuero range, I will certainly drink it more often.
Score: 20/25
buyer’s verdict
Clasico is a blend of young silver tequilas and specially selected oak barrel mellowed tequilas. The aim of this process is to produce a smoother tasting tequila.
The aroma is smoky with hints of oak and citrus fruits. When drunk neat, Clasico is smooth with a citrus aftertaste, but I preferred it as a long drink mixed with cola. The presentation is typically Cuervo with labelling that will look good on shelf.
Diageo hopes to put the growth back into the white tequila market with Clasico and so is spending £1.2m on marketing this spirit.
With this level of support, and the fact that Cuervo is the world's bestselling tequila, I think that Clasico should be successful. I would stock it to enhance my tequila range.
Score: 22/25