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Havana Club’s Añejo especial
From: Pernod Ricard

Havana Club’s Añejo Especial premium golden rum is aged in white oak barrels for up to five years. It will complement the brand’s strengthened range.
Price: £15.99 for a 70cl bottle

Total score: 46/50
consumer’s verdict
Lorna Clerkin, business administrator, 38, purley, Surrey
Havana Club’s Añejo Especial golden premium rum looks very classy. The packaging sends out vibes that it is a quality product - certainly not run of the mill.
The branding gives the distinct impression that the product is to rum what a single blend malt is to whisky.
When poured on its own, the rum’s golden colour looks appetising and warming. It has an appealing flavour, is very smooth and leaves a nice aftertaste.
I think it is suitable to drink any time of the year: on its own, it is a warming and invigorating drink and when it is poured over ice it proves to be very refreshing.
It is also delicious mixed with cola, although mixing it dilutes the delicious flavour.
Score: 23/25
buyer’s verdict
stewart waldie, buying controller, Nisa-today’s
Havana Club Añejo Especial is a golden rum from Cuba that is distributed in the UK by Pernod Ricard.
Havana Club is aged in oak barrels which results in a smooth-tasting rum both when drunk on its own, over ice or, more traditionally, mixed with cola.
Havana Club is probably better known in this country for its white rum but this golden rum is excellent and well worth a try.
The golden rum market is quite small with other major competitors being Cockspur and Bacardi Gold.
The rum market is dominated by white and dark rum but if consumers could be persuaded to try it, I think they would enjoy this product.
If the product is given the right support it could succeed in a difficult market.
Score: 23/25n Product:
Britz crisps
n Launch date:
December 2003