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Sailor Jerry
From: William Grant

William Grant intends to challenge Diageo’s Captain Morgan spiced rum with the UK launch of Sailor Jerry, a blend targeted at young people aged between 18 and 25.
Price: £15.99 per 70cl bottle
Total score: 42/50

Consumer's verdict
Vivian Lonsdale, web designer, 32, Brighton, East Sussex

This drink would really appeal to me in a shop. It has an old-fashioned label design which is also slightly cheeky.

I found that the taste improved after it had been open a day or so and the flavours seemed stronger the second time I drank it.

I would probably buy it for a lads’ night as this is definitely a drink for the boys. However, I think it would appeal to men more if the label said there was a hint of vanilla, because I think the idea of a vanilla flavour could be offputting.

In fact I was disappointed in the lime flavour which I thought could have been stronger than it was and the vanilla flavour could have been a little less prominent.

The kick was masked but the drink was smooth, warming and very mellow.

Score: 20/25

Buyer’s verdict
Bob redmile, wine and spirits buyer, Parfett’s cash and carry

Sailor Jerry is a spiced Caribbean rum to be marketed in the UK by William Grant as a competitor to Captain Morgan spiced rum.

The recipe is taken from Sailor Jerry Collins who was reputedly the most famous tattoo artist of all time. As the liquid is consumed, a tattoo is revealed on the back label. in the US these have become collectors’ items.

The bottle presentation is quite good, looking like something from the 1920s with a brief history of Sailor Jerry on the front.

The rum itself has a pleasant aroma, slightly sweet toffee and vanilla. It has a more-ish, smooth taste and is great just with ice or as a mixer. For anyone looking for something different, Sailor Jerry is well worth a try.

Score: 22/25