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Gordon ramsay meal kits
From: Grampian Country Food Group

TV chef Gordon Ramsay has helped to develop this three-strong range of meal kits. The lines are Braised Belly of Pork, Ballotine of Beef and Breast of Chicken.
Price: between £15 and £23 each
Total score: 46/50

Consumer’s verdict
Mary Eardley, office executive, 58, Birmingham

These meals are superb. They are in a different class from other pre-prepared meals I have tried.

Top quality ingredients are used and the taste is delicious, a wonderful combination of flavours and textures. I am surprised that pre-prepared vegetables can taste so fresh.

The chicken meal could do with a bit more bulk, but both meals have good sized meat portions.

The cooking instructions are clear and very easy to follow. The stylish and practical packaging is an indication of the high quality meal it contains and the meal pictured on the sleeve is a true representation.

However, the sleeve does not list nutritional values which many people consider these days.

The cost may deter some from trying the meals initially, but they really are very special.
Score: 23/25

Buyer’s verdict
Jonathon Bayne, Technical development controller, Budgens

Two large purple boxes with a silver wrapped sleeve gives the consumer an immediate feel about the quality of the contents contained within them.

The photograph on the sleeve depicting the finished products further added to my anticipation of something quite special.

The really nice touch was the double-sided printed preparation and serving guide which gave detailed instructions, including how to ‘build the plate’. A very clever idea!

I tasted the chicken and pork meals and they were both delicious. The quality of the ingredients is excellent, way ahead of any other equivalent products on sale within the marketplace. If consumers are not put off by the price, then they will take to them.
Score: 23/25