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Altú black
From: Nutrinnovator

Altú Black is aimed at people who prefer standard colas to diet ones, but find them too sweet and sticky. It contains 30% less sugar than standard colas. Most of the sweetness comes from fructose.
Price: 69p per 250ml can
Total score: 41/50

Consumer’s verdict
Annie Jones, field sales executive, 23, Worcestershire

I was excited to hear about Altú Black because I have been on the lookout for a healthier alternative to ordinary colas. I also find them too sweet and worry about the damage they cause my teeth.

The packaging is very stylish and contemporary and I really like the long tall can.

Altú Black has a refreshing taste. It almost tastes spicy but, at the same time, it is sweet with a vanilla kick. However, it left an ‘incomplete’ aftertaste, almost as if some vital ingredient was missing

I can imagine the drink working very well as a mixer with both dark and white spirits and as a cocktail ingredient as suggested by the manufacturer. I would buy Altú Black again but probably not on a regular basis
Score: 18/25

Buyer’s verdict
Jonathon Bayne, technical development controller, Budgens

An interesting black presentation box arrived on my desk, which when I opened contained a can of Altú Black. The design of the can was eyecatching and gave an insight into the product.

The flavour was not as I expected: the fruit flavours came through strongly followed by a hint of vanilla. Overall it was very pleasant and appealing, a subtle twist on your ordinary cola.

I think it will appeal to the targeted market because it has a point of difference, which is quite distinct. But with the sheer variety of soft drinks available on the market and the strength of Coca-Cola and Pepsi cola, it will have its work cut out to compete in such a cut-throat sector.

Price will be a key factor if the product is to survive in this sector.
Score: 23/25