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From: Nestlé

Italian-inspired premium chocolate brand Baci from Nestlé is aimed at 30 to 45-year-old women and has been launched as direct competition to Ferrero Rocher.
Price: 49p for a two-chocolate impulse pack, £1.39 for a six-chocolate tube and £3.99 for an 18-piece gift box.
Total score: 40/50

Consumer’s verdict
Sally Jones,
Office administrator, 34, Yorkshire

I had rather high expectations for Baci as I love Ferrero Rocher. However, on receiving the product I was slightly put off by the packaging.

I think the strong red and gold colours made it look a bit cheap, it certainly did not give the impression of a premium offering. Nice for the Christmas period, but not suitable all year round. Still, I loved the little love-themed messages which you find when opening the individual sweets.

When I tasted the chocolate, I did find it quite nice - a lot better than the packaging suggests. It has quite a full flavour but the chocolate filling is ‘bubbly’ rather than smooth, which I would have preferred. It sort of disappears in your mouth without a trace, which is a shame. It would have been nice had the flavour lingered for a while.
Score: 16/25

Buyer’s verdict

Jonathon Bayne, Technical Development Controller, Budgens
The packaging was very eye-catching, a bright red almost ‘tear drop’ shape, which stood out quite distinctively. The presentation of the chocolates wrapped in gold foil added to the anticipation of what I was about to try.

The flavour of the chocolates was a combination of rich smooth chocolate/praline with a crisp hazelnut on top, albeit enveloped in chocolate. It was a very pleasant eating experience and a good match to a very well known similar product, but this one has a subtle twist to it.

I think this product will have a great appeal to the customer, particularly with the Nestlé brand behind it. And I do not think there will be an issue with the price.
Score: 24/25