Britvic is serving up new TV advertising for its Robinsons squash for the first time in
13 years.
A five-week campaign,
running in the build-up to
Wimbledon, features British tennis aces Tim Henman and Andy Murray and forms part
of Britvic&'s £4m summer
&'Wimbledon&' campaign.
It shows Henman and Murray among the fans queuing to get into the tournament. Just as they reach the entrance, Henman is stopped by Japanese tourists with a camera who want him to take a snap of them. Murray then beats him through the gates. The advert ends with the strapline, &'To improve your chance of
getting into Wimbledon, just add Robinsons&'.
The campaign includes
sponsorship of Henman and Murray, and an on-pack
promotion, offering the
chance to win VIP tickets
to championships.