On Sale Monday September 25 NAME Chat Specials Series Love, Life and Laughs The sixth in this series has changed its name to Love & Lust, Secrets & Scandals. The very, very best of Chat CM Country Living Oct issue, win a bathroom worth £10,000 and Save 10% on Boden fashion CM Fun to Learn ­ Friends Issue No 11, gift, new characters added from this issue £ Guitarist £5.25 from Nov issue £ Woman's Weekly Knitting Special Issue cover-dated Special, £2.50, MarketForce On Sale Tuesday September 26 CM Inside Soap Issue No 163, competitions and reader offers CM Playdays Oct issue bagged jigsaw CM SportDiver Oct issue reader offers and holidays to win CM Top of the Pops Sept issue, autograph book and pen On Sale Wednesday September 27 CM, P The Beano Issue dated Sept 30, Foxes Kids stickers; ads in Dandy, Bunty, People's Friend, My Weekly, The Weekly News and The Sunday Post £, CM, P The People's Friend 56p from issue dated Sep 30, calendar, plus national press publicity CM Robot Wars Issue 8, wall chart SP Weekly World News Special Oct Special Issue No. 40, £1.25 (normally 80p) On sale four weeks, MarketForce On Sale Thursday September 28 OSD Backstage Pass Launch issue, No 1 due today, will now go os Oct 12 £ Better Satellite £2.95 from autumn issue OSD Blast Presents Issue No 4 due today will now go os Oct 5 £ Commercial Motor £1 for issues dated and on sale Sept 28, and Oct 5. Price will revert to £1.40 from issue dated and on sale Oct 12 £ Computer Video £3.65 from Oct issue CM Cult Times Issue No 61, two free posters B Decanter November issue carries a bound-in supplement, an Australian Wine Guide, with listings of tastings and an essential buyers guide £ Digital Photo User £3.10 from Oct issue CM Garden News Issue os today carries a competition CM I Love Ponies Oct/Nov issue, pony figure £ Internet Money £3.50 from Oct/Nov issue CM Nursing Times Issue os today carries free PREP notes £ Pregnancy Essential Guide £2.75 from Oc./Nov issue L Tsunami Issue No 1, £2, first issue into the puzzles market, MarketForce CM Tennis World Oct issue features reader offers and results of the US Open Championship On Sale Friday September 29 Saturday September 30 RL Aeroplane Relaunch November issue, redesign, with new logo, Better quality cover, carries two new sections: Database and Navigator CM, P Animals and You Issue No 70, plush photo frame, plus ads in Beano, Bunty, Dandy, Shout, My Weekly, People's Friend, the Sunday Post and the Weekly News £ Ast/Explore Universe £2.75 from 2001 issue OSD Burn Nov issue due today will go os October 19 CM, P The Dandy Issue dated October 7, Swizzles Matlow 5p Fruity Pops; plus TV advertising and advertising in Beano, Bunty, People's Friend, My Weekly, the Weekly News, the Sunday Post P Jewish Chronicle First week of three-week token collection scheme for a 22-night luxury Caribbean cruise £ Linux Journal (Import) £4.25 from September issue ­ a price reduction £, CM Mother & Baby £1.95 from November issue, padders and Babies R Us catalogue £ My Weekly Puzzletime £1.65 from Oct issue £ Scots Magazine £1.30 from Oct issue CM Sugar Nov issue, Life & Love Predictor cards, sponsored By Skittles, plus competitions and freebies £ Tattoo Flash (Import) £3.75 from December issue {{CTN }}