On Sale Monday July 26 B Investment Trust Magazine Autumn issue will carry a special ISA feature DIST Rugby Leaguer Issue dated July 26 will be the last issue to be handled by Comag OSD Van Buyer Weekly The launch of the East Midlands, West Midlands and Anglia issues of this title has been delayed On Sale Tuesday July 27 £ Gamesmaster Tips Special £2.99 from Issue No 3 ­ this is a price reduction OSD PC Direct September issue due today will now go os July 28 £ Shoot £0.99 from issue dated July 31 On Sale Wednesday July 28 CM Angling Times August issue, a reel case CM Barbie Issue 28, a tie dye Barbie bangle OSD Crochet Fantasy (Import) The November 99 issue due July 14 will now go on sale today CM Disney and Me Issue 202 Bug's Life card game L, P Goal! £1.50, f, glossy aimed at boys aged between 9 and 14 years, published by Haymarket. Will be supported by a five week television campaign and by covermounted gifts CM Lego Adventures Issue 5 Lego stickers CM Smash Hits Special Summer issue carries a gift CM Sonic the Comic Issue 161, Star Wars The Phantom Menace stickers On Sale Thursday July 29 B Autosport Austrian Grand Prix and German Grand Prix reviews CM Arrow Crosswords Issue No 6, covermounted pen B Autosport Carries an Austrian preview £ Backtrack £3.00 from August issue CM Colour Box August issue, a paint set CM Crossword Monthly Issue No 14, covermounted pen CM Dinosaur Fun August issue, a Dinosaur game CM Hidden Words Issue No 53, a covermounted pen £, Massive £1.70 from September issue when the magazine will feature increased pagination and a redesign £ New Scientist £2.20 for the summer special dated 31 July which will have an extended on sale period. New Scientist publishes a summer special every year O, CM Premier League 99/2000 1999 issue, £1.99, SoR, Comag, carries a covermounted football keyring OSD Puppy Love Summer Special The 1999 issue will not now be published CM Ride BMX August/Sept issue, a sheet of stickers £ TV Stars £2.50 from the September issue £ Total Football £2.85 from the September issue P Total Hair Issue No 2 will be promoted nationally CM XNET Issue No 16 carries an interactive CD On Sale Friday July 30 and Saturday July 31 B Astrolore ­ The Astrology Magazine Issue 4 of this quarterly will feature The Great Eclipse of August 1999 and carry a six page forecast for the 12 Zodiac signs £, CM B magazine £2.30 from September issue and will carry a quality covermount L, CM Budgie the Helicopter 3RS Issue No 1, £1.90, m, SoR, Comag; will carry a Budgie badge MER Cake Decoration incorporating Cake Craft Publishers of Cake Craft have bought Cake Decoration from Future titles; will merge from September issue os today £ Cosmopolitan (Import) £4.00 from August issue P, CM Dandy Issue dated August 7 advertised on GMTV and in Beano, Bunty, People's Friend, My Weekly, The Weekly News and The Sunday Post; carries covermounted Swizzles Matlow Snap & Crackle confectionery P Family Tree August issue national press advertising in the Daily Telegrah and Daily Mail L, CM Fuzzy Felt Issue No 1, £1.90, m, SoR, Comag; will carry a packet of Fuzzy Felt shapes B Moneywise August issue, a walleted 32 page supplement SP Official Playstation Special A football special, £5.99, Future Publishing CM Painting World August/September issue, a painting brush CM Reader's Digest August issue a Travel Game DIST Sidewalk Surfer Will be distributed by Comag Specialist Division from this issue CM Shipping Today and Yesterday August issue Shipping note pad CM TV Hits Posters Issue No 42 bagged posters OSD Word Up Special (Import) Issue No 15 will not be published {{CTN }}