Gist shakes up EAT supply chain with fresh thinking.

In 2009 EAT used three supply chain providers for chilled, ambient and frozen, which pushed up logistical costs for its 100 predominantly London-based stores. Staff complained of products in poor condition and inadequate milk deliveries.

By consolidating the three streams into one, Gist transformed EAT's disjointed supply chain into a slick operation, reducing fuel and mileage by 15% and improving on-shelf availability. And store complaints fell 90% from one in 200 deliveries to one in 2,000.

Gist also managed to cut volume of deliveries by 20% and created a standardised delivery procedure that reduced disruption. Gist's service levels now exceed 99.8% no mean feat for a client whose fresh products have a one-day shelf life. 

The winners